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classic pickup podcast

Feb 25, 2020

Episode 1.

This episode has been a long time coming. I listen to a lot of podcasts, many Automotive ones included, and most seem to be US based as the scene over there is a lot bigger, due to population if nothing else. We have a great Hotrod and Custom car culture here, and growing up going to shows I have always been fascinated by the classic styling of the 40’s to 70’s Vehicles.

I host another podcast called the Metal Sculpture Show, which is available on all platforms to listen to, interviewing Metal artists around the world. I felt there was a gap here in Australia as our engineering and ADR regulations make everything so much harder and I am constantly seeing the same questions asked over and over on Facebook pages and Forums.

I’m hoping we can address a lot of this info on the podcast and make it easy to listen to for the Aussie builders and owners of classic pickups.

This episode was recorded over a year ago at the Bright Rod Run in NE Vic. It was my first test run into interviewing Truck guys and I thought it was only fitting to play them in this episode.

The podcast is sponsored in part by Classic Pickup Supplies. Please support them if you need parts for US build Ford and Chevy vehicles.

To get in contact with me please email me at

Thank you for listening.