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classic pickup podcast

Jul 31, 2020

Episode 23.

This episode I caught up again with Leon Davies from Big L’s Chop Shop down past Geelong. We chatted briefly with Leon in Episode 1, he had Truckee, his 48’ Ford F-1 parked up at the Bright Rod Run. He has been turning out some very nice Classic Trucks and Hotrods and we had a good chat about the...

Jul 25, 2020

This episode I spoke with Shane Peterson, he is the son of Burnout King John Peterson who terrorised the drag strips and burnout comps in Victoria for many years, in his trademark Ford Zephyr’s. Shane is restoring JP’s 1976 D5N Dodge pickup. We had a good chat about his life growing up and the influences his old...

Jul 19, 2020

Episode 21.

This episode I caught up with four of our past guests who are still ‘in the build’.

Rocky from Episode 4, Steve Mazic from Episode 15, Steve Humphrey from Episode 12 and Adrian Cooper from Episode 2. We had a good chat and caught up with progress on their builds.

To check our more info on these builds...

Jul 11, 2020

This episode I spoke with Gareth Houghton from LS Conversions in Sydney. Gareth specializes in LS engine swaps, and is an avid Classic Pickup builder himself, currently working on a 6.7L Cummins powered GMC COE. Lots of great advice or anyone considering an LS swap or build.

You can check out Gareth’s business on...

Jul 4, 2020

Episode 19.

This episode I caught Troy Brodie, from Fink Engineering. Troy is a NSW Vehicle Certifier, he is also classic pickup enthusiast. We chat about his 46’ Dodge pickup, and get deep into the in’s and out’s of vehicle Certification in NSW.

You can check out Peter’s business on Facebook,...